Spring feet pampering


Hi everyone,

As the sun shines brighter, it is time to bring your sandals out. But before wearing your sandals, it is important to pamper your feet and let them sparkle in your shoes. You can all do it by yourself by using only 5 products. Curious? Do read on!

First of all, this Scholl Velvet Smooth Elektronic Foot File is very effective. There are so many foot files that don't really work but this one removes callouses efficiently. Afterwards, you need to wash your feet a bit, to erase the released callouses.

After washing, I cut my nails. The nail clipper I used, has a cup where the nails are caught. This comes in very handy if you want to cut them indoors.

Next, I added the gentle balm creme from Rivella which is a very runny liquid. It dries quickly but remains a bit sticky.

Then I polished my nails in a sweet rose pastel colour from Hema. As with every light coloured nailpolish, it tends to congeal within a short timespan, reducing the preservability of the product. Nevertheless it is a very good polish and the pastel fits with everything.

To top it off, I sprayed some antiprespirant foot spray for a fresh fragnance. This one is from Etos and has a menthol smell. You can also spray the product directly on your socks or panty.

My feet are ready for summer, but are yours?
Thanks for reading!

-x Imke

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