7 Typical autumn things


Hello everyone,

Although the weather keeps being warm and sunny here, the autumn feelings seem to slowly show up. I really love the autumn because of the following 7 things. You've forgotten what to expect? Then keep on reading for them to be retrieved.

Drinking tea all day long
As the days get colder, our throat gets sore and can really use some hot tea. Lately I discovered some delicious new teas for autumn season. The first one consists of caramel and vanilla. I really like caramel candy and this tea really smells to caramel and gets a subtle taste to the product. The second tea consists of apple pie. This one's taste is softer and gets a subtle taste to cinnamon. I really like these teas as the bags are one cup bags which is very handy for when I'm in my dorm all alone.

Wearing scarfs and hats
The weather in autumn is always unpredictable so a scarf is always handy to wear. Especially in the morning or evening when it is really cold outside. Combined with a cute hat, it dresses up your outfit. 

Binge watching
I love the feeling when it rains and I'm sitting inside under a blanket watching an episode of my favourite series. And it often doesn't stay with one episode. In summer, I do not watch a lot of series as I'm always doing things outside with friends and family, but in autumn I'm as an addict to series. I'm currently watching The Vampire Diaries (and The Originals), Stranger Things and Gossip Girl (again :o). 

Using lipbalm again
As the weather gets colder and the wind gets stronger, my lips are really getting dry and chapped. Therefore I restart using lipbalm. My collection is really growing strong as my sister got me some new ones. I know it isn't that good, but once I start using it, I can't stop using it anymore. I got them in all shapes and colours. The yellow Catrice one, is an oil that really hydratates my lips which I use once a week before I go to sleep. 

Forest walk between the falling leaves
I love it to walk in the forest in autumn when the leaves are changing colours and the trees are slowly losing their leaves. It is a moment to share with your family. The one thing that can't be missing are your boots. It often is muddy under the leaves so good protection is always needed.

Lighting up your room
It is nice to make little spots for the different seasons. In autumn, I like to light up my room with some candles to make my room cosy. It would also be nice with some potpourri (guess it's jumble in English).

Wearing dark lipstick
It's that time of the year again to bring out your dark lipstick. I think it's really beautiful and adds some dimension to your look. I stick to my purple Yves Rocher lipstick in the colour 23. Violet Profound. My boyfriend got me already a back-up one, yeey!

I'm totally ready for the autumn season coming up. I hope you're too.
Thanks for reading.



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