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Dear readers,

Today, I'll be showing you my Rimmel make-up look. I'll list all the products underneath. As I do not own any good foundation from Rimmel anymore, I used my everyday-one from Kiko Cosmetics.
Hope you'll like it!

First of all, I used my Blooming Glow Revitalizing Face Serum from Kiko Cosmetics. This really helps to put the foundation as good as possible on my skin. Therefore, I used the Skin Evolution from Kiko Cosmetics as well. To cover the bags under my eyes, I used the Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer I mentioned at least 2 times. I just love how the concealer blends with the colour of my skin so the bags almost disappear.

Then I started with my brows with the Brow This Way. There are 2 parts in it with on the left side a creamy darker one and on the right side a lighter powdery one which I used. This was already a heavy colour for my brows so I had to get used to it. In the kit, there is enough equipment to shape your brows the way you want so you don't have to buy anything else.

I continued my face with my eyeshadow. This Palette, 022 Brixton Brown, is very beautiful and I think the colours fit to a lot of eye colours. On the back, there is mentioned an eye-look which I used and really helps beginners like me to create a harmonious look. Then I put on the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara I've been testing for almost 2 weeks. I must say that I've been loving the product more, little by little. In the beginning I thought my lashes would stick a lot together but the more I use the product, the less it appears. The mascara prolongs my lashes very much which you can really see on my lower lashes which makes them look lovely.

The next thing I did was contouring my face with Rimmel's first Sculpting Palette by Kate Moss. This one is in the colour 002 Coral Glow. I never actually contoured and I really love the result. The palette consists of a Highlight Illuminer, a Contour Sculpter and Blush Colorer. The effect is much harder than visible on the picture.

The last thing I add, was the Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine lipstick in the colour 600. It is a light orangish colour with a little shine and much see-through. A colour for everyday. Very lovable!

This is the result! What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

x Imke

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