Autumn feels in Middelburg - ootd


Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to Middelburg for a daytrip with my family. It was the perfect occasion to wear my new clothes I bought in Zaragoza. So today I present you my ootd.

The sweater I'm wearing is from the KenzoxHm collection. I really like their collection and although it's a very colourful collection, I decided to go for the black sweater as I'm more and more beginning to like wearing black. (This doesn't mean I don't like wearing colours anymore!) I've always wanted a sweater from Kenzo but as they're out of my price range, this was the perfect occasion. I'm so happy I got one.
My jeans is just a casual high waist skinny jeans from Zara. I often buy my pants in Zara as they're cheap and not too long for me.

Over to my favourite item, my suede jacket from Zara. I was in search for a leather jacket for at least a year, but couldn't find what I wanted. Well, I stopped wishing for that perfect leather jacket when I saw this suede jacket. I don't mind I won't get a leather jacket anymore, as this exceed my expectations. The thing I like about the jacket is of course the colour, but besides, the beautiful decorations. I really like the zips that give the jacket a nice accent.

My shoes are half-long black boots in lacquer. The tip of the shoe is also decorated which makes them look more special.

As accessories, I'm wearing a grey beanie from America Today and dark green leather gloves from Hema. The gloves are actually from my mommy, so I bought new black ones for me yesterday. It was really cold yesterday so I could really use the accessories!

Beautiful Middelburg
What do you think of my look?


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