6 favourite make-up items!


Hello everyone,

Today I'll show you my 6 basic and favourite make-up items. They're all budgetproof (yeey!) as my wallet doesn't allow me to buy high-end make up. Let's have a look.

This primer from Catrice I'm using for years now and I still love it. It's a thick cream which is really handy for my way too dry skin. I think it's a bit too thick and creamy for an oily skin, but there's nothing mentioned on the back. (€4,99)

The second item is this concealer, 'Hide the Blemish', from Rimmel. I really like the lipstick shape as it makes it easy to apply. I have a really pale skin, so this is the lightest colour, 1 Ivory. As you can see under my eyes, I really have 'light blue bags'. The concealer really helps to cover them up a bit. (€6,99)

I put the make up on one eye so you can really see the difference although it makes it a little creepy.

after adding concealer
Then I have this magnificiant eyebrow pencil. I really have blonde eyebrows compared to my hair colour and my eyebrows are not so full at all. Recently, I bought this eyebrow pencil from Yves Rocher and I totally love it. Even though I still need some practise to optimalise, I'm very happy with the result. You can see the difference on the picture where I did my left side eyebrow. The salesgirls are very kind and always offer their help to let you make the best choice. (€9,50, now €5,95)

The following is my ultrafavourite I guess. I got this Naked Basics eyeshadow palette from my boyfriend last year. It contains all the basics you need for every occassion. You can make so many looks with only 6 colours. The colours I use the most are Venus, for my crease and Naked 2. (€27,21)

Another favourite comes from Yves Rocher. I got this mascara for free which I really liked. 'The Sexy Pulp' has a hairy brush which I like most. I must say that lately, it begins to dry out. But it was a limited edition so I have to find a new one.


The last one is my latest purchase. I always used the eyeshadow Venus as a highlighter but lately I bought this beauty. I thinks it's very pretty when you add that little sparkle to your cheeks and it's makes your face look radiant. This one is from Catrice in the colour 010 Light Infusion. (€4,99)

I hope you liked it, and who knows one of these becomes your favourite?



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