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It has been a long time since I have posted something, but here I am. With a lot of posts to share with you.
So let's get started! Are you looking forward for some sunny, warm weather? I definitely am! I cannot wait to shop clothing for the new season and to wear them. But what to buy? I’ll give you some inspiration with the upcoming trends for the spring and summer of 2016. 
First of all, the well-known bomber jacket will remain in the street scene in 2016. The hype started last year and will stay because of its variety. You can wear it as well in a sportive as a minimalistic way. You have them in all kind of colours. You often see it in army green with some patches on, like on the picture below.

The second trend is a little weird to see at the beginning, but it has its potential. It’s the pyjama style. Big designers got inspired by the ‘hotel room life’. They used the fabrics which you can find in a hotel room like cotton and silk and put some floral prints on it. At least you will be comfortable in your clohting. 

Imagine sitting at a terrace in the city of Barcelona with some Spanish dancers around you, dancing a flamingo. That’s the feeling you’ll get with the upcoming trend of Spanish influences. This summer, you’ll see tons of off the shoulder tops combined with some dark lipstick which are very romantic and sexy. The Spanish trend is one to remember.


The last trend I want to talk about are sunglasses. It is a trend that started in summer 2014 but is still fashionable at this time. These are the coloured mirror sunglasses. They’re so different from the other sunglasses and are a real statement. People look very cool with these sunglasses and they’re high on my wish list.

Source all pictures: pinterest.com 

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  1. Ik heb echt zo'n zonnebril nodig in mijn leven ! :D
    Ben op zoek naar een Dior so real maar wel heel wat goedkoper haha :)
    Leuk artikel !
    jana x

    1. Hey Jana, dankjewel!
      Kijk zeker eens op Come get fashion. Daar heb je wel enkele leuke exemplaren.
      x Imke


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