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Dear readers,

A couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with a new perfume. I've scented it once in the perfumery and from then on, I wanted it badly. Right now, I am in the precious possession of this pearl.

Besides my excitement for the H&M colab with Kenzo, I am also crazy with my new perfume I discovered a couple of weeks ago.
The cover looks very simple but classic. The cover refers to the eye you also see on the packaging and in their clothing line. The colours are calm but it all looks very luxurous.

The smell of the fragnance is very hard to describe as it gives me different scents when using it. After searching the notes, I found that it was all made of flowers.

Top note: peony
Middle note: jasmine
Bottom note: radiant Ambroxan crystals

It is the bottom note, a chemical, which makes it a we-can't-put-our-finger-on-it fragnace. By just spraying twice, the perfume stays all day long which is very handy.

I am totally in love with my purchase and I hope that I'll be able to buy something from their collab as well.

Thanks for reading,

x Imke

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