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Dear readers,

Last week I finally visited my boyfriend in Zaragoza (Spain) who is currently studying over there. I was so glad I finally saw him again, only the weather gods weren't in our favour. Just as in Belgium these days, it's rather cold with a heavy wind. This however, didn't ruin my trip! We did a lot of shopping, some clubbing and saw a little culture. Today I'll be showing you some places I've been to.

The center of Zaragoza isn't that big, you have a Gran Via in direction to the shopping street. This was a road we walked through every day as it links my boyfriends' apartment to the city. The one end of the Gran Via comes out on a big place with a lot of traffic and from there more and more shops appear. When you go further on, you'll come to Plaza España, where there's a lot of activity, especially in the evening (around 9 o'clock when Spaniards start eating). If you still go straight on, you'll find some more shopping streets and at the end of it, you'll see the impressive Catedral del Salvador.

On the other side of the Gran Via you'll find a very big park with a lot of entertainment. It's easy to spend your whole day over there. There is an outdoor fitness, kids can ride go-carts, you can drink something on a terrace and you have a beautiful panoramic over the city.

There is a large place in front of the Catedral del Salvador with a very beautiful fountain. A little further on the square, there are some little, cute statues. I couldn't keep from posing with/on them.

The last thing we saw (culture related) in the city of Zaragoza, was the beautiful bridge which gives a magnificent view on the cathedral. This was also photo time.


I definitely recommend visiting Zaragoza when travelling through Spain e.g. It is a very clean city! But you've seen it on 2-3 days.

Not so sunny greets


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