Autumn make-up look


Hello everyone,

Today I'll be doing an autumn make-up look. I love adjusting my make-up look for every season. As you'll see this season, I'll be often wearing dark lipstick which adds some extra dimension to your daily look. Curious about how I made this look? Then sure keep on reading.

First of all, I started with the Prime and Fine primer from Catrice to create a smooth skin. I didn't put any foundation on as this product often does enough to my skin. So I proceeded with my concealer I use when I don't add foundation. The Hide the Blemish Concealer from Rimmel is kinda lighter than my other one from Kiko. This is better as my skin gets paler in autumn and winter. This one is the colour 001 Ivory.

I continued with my new Brow Powder Duo from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I sometimes really get stuck with my eyebrows because they're so light. This Brow Powder Duo makes it really easy to fill the light parts of your eyebrows and to highlight some parts. This duo is in the colour Taupe.

Then I started doing my eyelids by using two palettes. As a base I used the colour Limit from my Naked 3 palette. Followed by the red eyeshadow from the 022 Brixton Brown palette from Rimmel for my crease and waterline. I continued with my Naked 3 palette with the colours Liar and Mugshot for my eyelid. I ended by adding the colour Strange to the inner corner of my lid.

I proceeded my eye look with my all-time favourite mascara from Maybelline, the Lash Sensational.

Then I used this lovely Sculpting palette from Rimmel in the colour 002 Coral Glow which is very easy to use as the instructions are written on the back. To make everything last a little longer and to give it a more matt effect, I added this Stay Matte from Rimmel in the colour 003 Peach Glow at advice of a friend.

To end my autumn make-up look, I added this beautiful brown liquid lipstick from NYX in the colour Honeymoon. The lipstick is easy to apply and the brush is perfectly to add the lipstick very precisely.

I hoped you like this look! Here are some more pictures.



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