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Dear readers,

This post will be all about what I did last week. This week I had fall break so I finally had some time to rest, to meet friends, ..

On Monday, I went to my grandma to do groceries for her. As she can't do it all on her own anymore, my mom and I helped her and drove around the village with her. When we came home, I studied a little bit for school (as we have so much work to do!).

The next day, on Tuesday, my boyfriend and I had a breakfast date in Antwerp. He still had a Bongo bon (a Belgian gift certificate) to use. We went to Café Impérial which was a very cosy and romantic restaurant on the shopping street of Antwerp (the Meir). After we had finished breakfast, we had a look at a new shop, the Japanese brand 'Uniqlo'. They have their garments in many colours. It's very basic, but when you find something that fits, you have 20 items that fit. After the little shopping spree, we took the subway to Antwerp Expo and went to the book fair. Every year this time, there is a huge book fair where all kind of books are presented. A lot of writers come to sign their books there. I was a little dissapointed because I was searching for a music play along book and there wasn't any to be found this year. We were slowly walking down the aisles, when I suddenly saw a book a friend of my mom wrote. (It's the purple book with the turtle on.) Pretty cool to see. Besides, this market is very handy to find some Christmas presents etc..

Wednesday, studyday! In the evening, my dad and I went for a walk. It was already very dark so on some ways, we nearly couldn't see anything. Very creepy! We live near a highway and a big industrial area which you can see on the photo.

I had a soup date on Thursday with an old friend of mine. She used to live in my neighbourhood and we used to see eachother almost everyday. Now that she lives a little further, I hardly see her anymore which is pretty bad, but we finally fixed a date. We went to Sint-Niklaas, the city where I used to go to school. There is a relatively new eating-house named 'Soep&Zoet' (Soup&Sweet). You can drink soup, coffee and self made ice tea as well,.. They also offer quiche, bagels and cake. It was very delicious and I really recommend this shop to everyone! We had some fun together and had a lot to tell eachother. After the date, my mom asked me to come to the Waasland Shopping Center, to have a little shopping spree with her. We bought a new winter coat for me and a lot of clothes for my mom which she definitely needed!

On Friday, I did work a lot for school and in the evening was the exciting finale of the Belgian/Dutch program 'K3 zoekt K3'. Entire Flandres and The Netherlands were awaiting the outcom with tension. This program was all about finding three new girls to replace the girlsband K3 which are quitting.

source: http://www.demorgen.be 

On Saturday, I went (again) on a shopping spree with my best friend and mom. It was more like window shopping but we had a very nice day. We went to Sint-Niklaas to the Waasland Shopping Center. In the evening, my mom, dad and I went to Hulst, in The Netherlands to have a walk. It was very windy but it wasn't cold at all. After the walk, we had dinner in one of my favourite restaurants, 'Het bonte hert'. They are known for their meat, game meat and fish. I took the scampis which were formidable as always.

I hope you enjoyed my diary! If you have some suggestions for posts, let me know!

With love,


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