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Dear readers,

Last Saturday, I went to Eindhoven (The Netherlands) for a shopping spree with my boyfriend. Actually it was a birthday shopping for my boyfriend but we only found one thing for his birthday.
Curious about what I bought? Then keep on reading!

First of all I bought some clothing. I really love this basic white shirt with the cute print on. This one is from Mango. I don't have many shirts & this one fits with a lot of clothing. The lashes are decorated with glitter which makes them more special.

A second thing I bought is this skirt from Zara. Almost all of my shorts and skirts are from this shop. They really fit good for me and they look very classy. I love the A-shape of the skirt which makes me look a little taller.

The last garment I bought are these army green pants. These skinny trousers have some nice details. On my laps, it has some relief and in my pockets and on my ankles, it has zippers. This makes the pants somewhat robuster.

Then I went to Kiko for some make-up. I was really surprised cause I didn't know this shop was in Eindhoven.
This shop offers very good and budget proof make-up. I asked one of the salesgirls for some advice for a good foundation for my pale skin. She directly took different types of foundation and tested them on me. She was very helpful which I really appreciated. After some testing, we found the right one for me. Not only does the foundation smells very good, it also has an SPF10 factor in it. Normally, I only wear foundation in the weekend but with this one, I'm going to try it more often.

I also bought a cream compact foundation to fix my normal foundation or for days where I don't want to wear my foundation. The package looks very classy with the mirror look and has 2 compartiments as you can see on the picture.

The last thing I bought on my shopping spree was this Blooming Glow Face Serum. The serum has vitamin PP, A & E microspheres in it to give the skin a boost. You have to apply after cleansing your skin & before applying your make-up. It smells really fresh to orange & citrus and makes your skin feel very smooth.

It was a great day in a great city! I recommend to visit Eindhoven if you love shopping.

Thanks for reading,

x Imke

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