Forest walk


Dear readers,

Although it's already past October, this weekend, the sun shone everywhere. Perfect time to go for a walk in the woods. That's what I did with my dad and sister yesterday. Ofcourse I brought my camera with me to capture the beauty of the fall season.

Do you know the feeling of walking over crispy leaves? I love it! The colour of the leaves is slowly changing, which makes the wood a lovely colour palette.
As we were walking, the sun was trying to shine between the trees. It left a beautiful shade on the leaves as you can see on the picture.

Half past our walk, we met these beauties of the nature, living in peace with eachother. In this forest, there are some areas, where you can walk between wild animals. It is very exciting to do. It is a real experiental forest, there is so much to do to satisfy as well young as old. You sure have to read further for other activities in the wood.

In this forest, there is also a camping place, for maximum 10 persons. Here, you can bbq, make a campfire,.. very cosy and a new thing on my to do list! Around 300 years ago, there was a huge war in the region of the forest between The Netherlands and Spain. A part of the Spanish front line is rebuild here. In this way, you might better imaginate what it was like.


I couldn't resist throwing some leaves in the air, oops!

I really recommend to visit this wood to everyone! Especially on beautiful days like these.



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