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Hello everyone,

Last month I had a late Birthdayparty (my birthday is already June 19th). A friend of mine had the idea to make some cocktails. I didn't know he would bring some until my party so it really was a surprise. He is a natural! He made all kind of cocktails. I'll present them to you!

First of all, this Toxic Dew


1/2 oz. (10ml) Vodka
2 oz. (50ml) Mountain dew

1/2 oz. (10ml) Pisang/Midori
1/2 oz. (10ml) Blue Curacao

1/2 oz. (5ml) Sweet & Sour

This green cocktail is served cold. 

The second cocktail he made, was this amazing Regga Surprise Cocktail!


1/2 oz. (15ml) Grenadine
2 oz. (60ml) Orange Juice
2 oz. (10ml) Vodka
1/2 oz. (25ml) Pisang

Pour over Ice Cubes.

Another cocktail he made was this special one. The Kiwi Explosion!


Kiwi pieces (Put them inside the glass, against the wall)
Some Ice 
1/2 oz. (25ml) Kiwi juice /Kiwi liqueur (If available)
2 oz. (30ml) Kidibul apple/Apple Cider (If you want it to be sparkling) or add good apple juice.
2 oz. (10ml) Simple Syrup
1/2 oz. (15ml) Rum

This one was made alcohol free (for me), as I'm not allowed to drink alcohol! I can assure you, it was delicious even though it doesn't look so good on the photo ! 

Up to the last one! This Barbados Surprise Cocktail commended a lot of people at my party. Just the look of it is sunny and sweet!


1/2 oz. (15ml) Grenadine
2 oz.
(80ml) Orange Juice
2 oz.
(10ml) Rum
1/2 oz. (25ml) Blue Curacao

Pour over some Ice Cubes.

Here are some more pictures from the shots the cocktail man made. 

Thanks to cocktail man Ilia to contribute to this amazing party with his cocktails! 

I hope you're all up now to try and taste them! 

-X  Imke

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