Autumns' essentials!


Hye everyone,

Today is a good day for a new blogpost. Summer was flying by way too fast for most of you, but I am as much excited for autumn to come. Cosy times with your family, watching series with some hot chocolate and wrapping a warm blanket around you. What else do you need? The first days of fall have started quite beautiful. The sun is still shining between the leaves that have begun changing colour.
 And that means: new essentials in your closet!

1. A very it-thing at the moment are purple lips. I think it is very beautiful. At first, I wasn't really convinced to give it a try because it is a little audacious. As I got it as a gift from my friends, I did try it and I am so happy with it. I love it! I already got some positive reactions from some friends so if you like something, just do it! This purple lipstick comes from Yves Rocher. It is a french cosmetic brand which sells all over the world. Besides, the quality of their products is very good.

This is the result: 

2. The second essential is a preppy dress. This dress is made from a thicker fabric. It is a little warmer for the fall although it still looks sunny. I bought this dress in Pull&Bear. This Spanish shop offers casual, urban outfits for young people at very-low prices.

hanging on the lamp, oops!

3. My all-time favorite autumn item are my Timberlands. I already have them for 3 years but they feel so comfortable. I chose the original light brown colour as I think they match so good with black pants.

they're a little dirty after all these years

And here is the complete package: my favourite autumn's outfit!

Thanks for reading! 


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