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Dear readers,
Several weeks ago, a new Primark store opened his doors in Ghent. Since I am studying in Ghent, I was excited to take a look at the store.

Normally, I am not that kind of a fan of Primark because of the call of help a needlewoman stitched in some clothing. Therefore, I do not buy any clothes anymore in Primark.
But that doesn't mean I stopped buying accessories. And I found some pretty jewels.

First of all, I found some pretty rings! It is a palette with 8 different rings. Some are mid rings, some normal and they're very comfortable. I chose medium size. My fingers are short but have normal circumcision.
The only disadvantage is that the color is already changing a bit, but yeah, what could I expect with such a cheap purchase. 

The second thing I bought was this flowery bracelet. At the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed by the extravagance of it, but once I tried it, I was sold. My wrists, and luckily the bracelet too, are really small and so it was a match made in heaven. The color of the bracelet, just like those of the rings, has a very cool rose golden tone which fits with my all-time favorite Michael Kors watch.
Here some pictures of the combo of rings and bracelet. 

I also bought special earrings. The craze around it has already passed, but I couldn't find the right ones yet. Until now. They're pretty simple and that's what they had to be. Like my wrists, my ears are also pretty small & the earrings were always too big for my ears but these ones are perfect for me, so I'm happy!

The last thing I bought was a soft Iphone case. It is a normal red case & it fits as it has to. 


The prices:

- Rings: €3
- Bracelet: €4
- Earrings: €2
- Phone Case: €2

Please tell me what you think about it! 

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