Italy vacay diary


Hello everyone,

Last week I went on vacay to the sunny Italy with my parents & boyfriend. We stayed near Rome and Naples which is such a beautiful area. The reason I wrote this blogpost, is  to show you some of the beautiful places I visited. So lay back, relax and enjoy the pretty views of Italy while reading this post.

Our house was located in the little city Minturno. We were only 200 metres away from the sea. We arrived in the afternoon so we just walked to the sandy beach which wasn't very big. The sea there is very calm and there isn't a strong current.

The second day, we went to Gaeta. This place is very beautiful and is located in a bay. In this village, you get a really nice view over the sea and the mountains. The buildings were very colourful, just like the pretty restored church. At this salmon coloured church, you can start a walk in a nature reserve. We did a walk up and got some prettty views over the city, the sea & the mountains.


The day after, we went to Rome. As I have already been one day in Rome once, we visited some of the things we really liked and things we didn't have time for the previous time. We went to the Colosseo. It is pretty amazing how big the arena is and how they could build it so long ago. We then went to the Trevifountain to put a coin in the water and make a wish. Oh and give a kiss ofcourse. 


We walked along the Spanish Steps, but they were closed due to renovations. We also went to Vatican City to visit the St. Peter's Square and to climb the St. Peter's Basilica. The view up there is amazing.

The fourth day, we went to Caserta. Here you can find a gigantic palace. This has been built in commission of Charles the third. He had some megalomaniacal ideas. His garden can be visited by a bus because it is so big. At the end of the garden, there is an impressive English garden.

The next day, Naples was on the agenda. This city is well known about his crazy drivers and this totally true. Italians in general are a little crazy in traffic, but Napolitans are by far the craziest. Therefore we came to Naples by train. This day, it was very hot so we didn't do a lot. We walked a bit through the city and drank a lot to cool down.

On the sixth day, we went to the magnificant Pompeii. It is amazing how everything has been preserved due to the lava. We walked in here for at least 4 hours and we didn't see everything yet.

On the last day, we stayed in our 'hometown' Minturno and went to the beach to have a relaxing day.
It was a pretty busy vacay but we saw such pretty things. I really liked it.

Have you been to this area yet?



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