Deo Crystal Spray review


Hello everyone,

Today I have something special for you. Spring weather is in the air and that means time for something new.

You’ve probably used tons of deodorants. A while ago, my mom brought me a new one, the DO2. And this one, you’ve never seen. The DO2 is a Deo Crystal Spray. It is a natural deodorant. It only consists the alumstone, a white crystal.

Before using this product, you have to add some water in order to create the total package. I put some water in a little jar to avoid spilling. Then, I shook it a little and ready it is!  

I couldn’t wait to test it out, but the smell wasn’t absorbed in the water yet. After a while, it improved but isn’t as explicit as the usual deodorants. The spray itself isn’t comparable with a normal deodorant. It is more watery but dries after 20 seconds.  

This deodorant is alcohol free and unisex. You can re-use the product until the crystals have been absorbed by the water. The DO2 has the Nordic Eco label because it belongs to the most skin-friendly and environment friendly deodorants. The label also shows that DO2 is effectively. You can refill it ten times so the surcharge you pay at the beginning, you’ll win at the end.

I really recommend to give it a try.

Thanks for reading,

x Imke

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